OXYGEN began in the hearts and minds of visionaries Friso Poldervaart and Johannes Bergstrom

Having achieved success in other enterprises, Johannes and Friso wanted to change the world, and make our planet a better place. Their biggest concern is the lungs of our planet: The rainforest. Today, organizations supported by donations are doing a noble, and great job to save our forests, and fight climate change, but it’s not enough. Johannes and Friso asked themselves, “What if people could devote themselves working for a better planet, and do the most important job in the world, AND get paid doing it?”, “What if we could create an army of people working for a better climate?”.
Eager to share their revolutionary idea, Johannes and Friso set out to create one of the best rewarding compensation plan in the direct selling industry. The result: A world wide revolutionary platform with thousands of members with only one mission: Saving our planet.

OXYGEN. Save Our Planet.

Our Mission

The Oxygen family wants to empower, and financially reward people around the globe by unleashing their full potential, so they can, and will want to wake up everyday being devoted towards one idea: To Save Our Planet.







Our Distributors


We take tremendous pride in our distributors, who are well established all over the globe. Our distributors are making this planet a better place everyday, and we owe that to them.

  • The great thing about this company is the freedom says Are Ohlsoon, “I can work my Oxygen Business from anywhere in the world and I am my own boss”.

    Are Ohlsoon

  • Eve Varga from the UK “I have the tools to build a global business right from your office and for the first time I feel that what I do make a difference in the world

    Eve Varga

  • Niklas Rooth from Sweden “ I met with Friso and Johannes and they talked about their vision. That meeting was life-changing. Now I earn more in a month than I earned before in a year”

    Niklas Rooth

Industry Innovators

Johannes Bergstrom

“The Oxygen family is creating a global movement of like-minded leaders, unified with a collective mission, and that is to save the world.”

Friso Poldervaart

"I think our responsibility is to provide the tools for people to go out, and earn a living, and build their dreams. What better way than through the Oxygen Opportunity?"

Kevin Harrington

“To see so much positive and real change in peoples life is very inspiring. That what Oxygen is all about, positive change”

Contact Us

Distributors needing customer service should log in to their back office, and create a Help Desk ticket.

Email us: info@oxygenglobal.net

  Asia Office

OXY Corp Limited (2750393)
Suite 02, Level 12A, Enterprise Building
228 - 238 Queen's Road, Hong Kong.

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  Europe Office

Oxygen Global LLC (404565779)
Rustavi, N19 Building (3) Tbilisi
Krtsanisi, Georgia.

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